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Athlete Discovery is based within Excel Sports Clinic, a thriving and respected Sports Therapy clinic in York. Together we have every base covered to provide athletic development, injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for recreational to professional athletes of all ages. 


For more information on injury treatment and/or rehabilitation, please visit the Excel Sports Clinic website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is athlete discovery?

Athlete Discovery offers bespoke, quality strength and conditioning for young athletes in and around York. Very rarely, below the highest levels of youth sport do children get exposed to specific physical development coaching, which can limit their progression in sport. We believe that physical competency underpins technical and tactical ability and is a cornerstone of athletic performance in any sport.


Who is athlete discovery for?

Athlete Discovery is for aspiring young athletes from the age of 12 who want to develop athletically. Before 12 years of age, children should enjoy the fun elements of sport and take part in as many activities as possible. Once they start to identify a preferred sport and specialise, they can start to pursue this sport with a more specialised approach. This also coincides with  the biggest physical change of their lives, which generates a hot-bed for physical development and may lead to accelerated athletic performance. Our academic and applied experience has provided an excellent understanding of what young athletes should be doing to reduce injury risk and enhance their performance.

Do I have to be a high-performer?

Absolutely not. We work with a diverse range of athletes at all levels of competition from high-level to recreational. Some athletes have specific goals or events they train for, others want to help improve physical literacy for long-term health benefits. The aim of the initial assessment is to outline your goals and targets and establish this before developing your bespoke programme. This is then periodically revised and assessed to ensure you are on track to meet your goals. 


Where do we start?

All new clients have an initial competency assessment, which is free. This first session is a taster so that people get to know Athlete Discovery and our way of working. This also provides an opportunity to find out more about you and conduct some basic physical and sport specific assessments to identify areas of strength and for improvement. From this, there are two options, 1) regular 1:1 sessions to individually coach you through the bespoke programme aimed to help you progress, or 2) a bespoke programme to work through at home or in your local fitness facility with periodic visits to Athlete Discovery for coaching, feedback and programme alterations.


What is special about athlete discovery?

We don’t profess to be doing anything remarkable at Athlete Discovery, but we do the simple things very well. There is a trend within sport about chasing ‘marginal gains’ but most people haven’t got the foundations in place. We aim to get people moving well, improving the relevant physical components to help them succeed in their sport. We base programming on a well-considered, evidenced based competency model to progress and regress where relevant. 

What should I wear/bring?

Although all Athlete Discovery sessions are inside, we are based within an industrial unit so they temperature is dependant on the outside conditions. Please wear sport clothing relevant to the outside temperature and bring the disclaimer and PARQ form from the athlete handbook (Athlete Handbook) as well as water. We have a toilet and tap water athletes may use.

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