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What is Athlete Discovery?

Athlete Discovery takes a bespoke and evidence based approach in providing young athletes of all sports and abilities the opportunity to train intelligently and enhance their physical literacy to reduce injury risk. Exposure to specialist, qualified and inspiring strength and conditioning is limited below elite levels of sport and we aim to make this more accessible for young athletes in and around York. Our coaching is UKSCA accredited, fully insured and focuses on generic fundamental movements that underpin a range of sports, and only progressed once movement competency is suitable - making robust and athletic individuals. 

We offer a free initial assessment and work with each individual through a bespoke programme towards achieving their performance or athletic goals. Individual or small group sessions enable quality coaching and education throughout each session. Our periodic review process means that athletes are consistently aware of their development and areas of improvement. 


Our consultancy services extend to team/clubs wanting to intelligently plan, implement and monitor fitness and conditioning practices within their organisation but do not have specialist support. Athlete Discovery can work around your training environment to design effective and practical solutions to reducing injury and improving performance.