A condensed version of the hugely successful 12-week preparation programme, this 6-week version allows you to prepare for the new season efficiently.


This programme has two primary aims:

1) Enhance physical performance

2) Reduce injury risk


There are three components to this programme to allow you to achieve the aims across 6-7 sessions per week:

1) Gym based strength development sessions (2 x per week)

2) Pitch/Field based aerobic conditioning (3 x per week)

3) Speed and plyometric sessions (2 x per week)


The programme includes full gym-programmes, with videos available of all exercises on our YouTube page. There is a Maximal Aerobic Speed Calculator and suggested weekly overview to offer insight into how to manage your schedule but also individualise the running sessions to make them appropriate for you and your fitness levels.


Developed by an SENr accredited performance nutritionist, the nutrition pack gives you all of the tools and knowledge you need to help you achieve maximum performance in your training. Within the pack, you’ll find easy to follow guides on all areas of performance nutrition from the importance of energy, macronutrients and hydration, to practical examples of food sources and meal ideas. As part of the package, you will also have access to a macronutrient calculator to ensure you’re fuelling your body with the right foods, at the right times and in the right amounts, specific to your training load.


What you get:

1 x MAS Calculator

2 x Strength/Power sessions per week

3 x Aerobic conditioning sessions per week

2 x Speed/Plyometric sessions per week

1 x Macronutrient Calculator

1 x Pre-season nutrition guidance pack



Pre-Season Programme (6-weeks) with Nutrition Pack

  • This programme is downloaded using Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please ensure that you have access to the appropriate software to view the files before purchasing.

    No refunds are possible due to the electronic download nature of the product.