COVID has caused havoc with the 2020-21 season....

Never before have athletes had so long to prepare for a season.

This comprehensive, progressive 12-week physical preparation programme will give you the best possible preparation to the 2021-22 season.


Invest in your strength, power, speed, change of direction and aerobic conditioning with this all-in-one resource. This can be completed in everyday gyms and on pitches and can be individualised to build on your current level of physical fitness - whatever that is. This 4-5 day-a-week programme will have you in peak physical condition for the start of the season.


What you get:

- 12-week gym-based strength programme (3-sessions/week)

- 12-week Individualised Maximal Aerobic Speed programme

- 12-week progressive speed and plyometrics programme

- Video demonstrations for all exercises can be found on our YouTube page


Invest in yourself. Unlock your athletic potential.

Physical Preparation Programme (12-weeks)

£60.00 Regular Price
£45.00Sale Price
  • This programme is downloaded and requires Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please ensure that you have access to the approrpiate software to view the files before purchasing.

    No refunds are possible due to the electronic download nature of the product.